Possible Technology Workshops for your Faculty and Staff: Advanced

Audio capture and manipulation: On-line, and on the phone line
For all the press that streaming video has gotten, the most overlooked and much more efficient use of media streaming is that of up-loadable audio files. This coupled with the use of Web Ex a demo program that allows you to share your computer screen with one or a dozen others while speaking on the phone.

Web development (template-based website creation)
The days where you had to have a trained technician, or scrappy fourteen-year old at your disposal to have a great web presence is behind us. Participants will be shown how to create a web page that relies on all of the skills covered in the previous sessions.

Software design (advanced users introduced to Macromedia Director)
For those who want to familiarize themselves with the most advanced software-design techniques for educators this will be a three-session introduction to the very intuitive and user-friendly Macromedia Director. These three sessions will change your world.

Advanced applications (Lightwave 3-D modeling and other high end applications)
These last two sessions will introduce users into the world of 3-D modeling and advanced Director projects. This is aimed at either the advanced user, or the aggressively interested. Those who have participated in al of the previous sessions will be quite ready to tackle these most challenging programs.

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