Technology Enhanced Lecture:
Bells and Whistles and Why:

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extended outline for presentation Feb 21/03

Kevin Kvalvik 2003
Educational Technologies

Opening Remarks

  How to embed the technology in the lecture on technology
  Content, Content, Content… demonstration, hands-on, experiential,     discussion, group interaction…
  Non-Digital Media: VCR, Overhead…
  Although not a fan of PowerPoint…

A. The Setting
Appropriate “ Chalk and Talk”
  Which Audience?
  Learner-Centered Lecture
  Sophistication and Preparation
  Interest Level

Cognition and Affective Inhibitors
  Studies that Discuss:
  How Students Retain Information
  How the Brain Processes that Information

Provide Dual Cues
  We Speak to Groups
  It is heard by individuals

Triage Mentality for Education
  Separate Individuals within the Group
  Provide Multiple Paths for understanding
  Text, Images, Audio, Video
  Lecture When?

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B. The Motive

9 or 10 Motives for Tech Enhancement
  1. Embed Note taking and Organizational Strategies into Instruction (scaffolding)
  2. Use of a Citation Device
  3. Consider Parallel Processing…
  4. Attention vs. Will
  5. Repetition Continuity
  6. Artifact of Preparation
  7. Modeling Current Best Practice
  8. Remediation
  9. Seamless Transitions
  10. Novelty (no)

What they do with Notes?

How to Fix the “Sit and Git ”

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C. The Tools


Tools and Techniques
  Text Presentation Tools Pros & Cons
  OK, so there is PowerPoint
  Smartboard Technologies
  Web Tools-Authoring Pkgs, Word, Acrobat
  VCR, Overhead Projector, Easel, Manipulatives
  Chalk and Acetate (digital conversion?)


Tools and Techniques cont.
  Image Presentation Tools
  Capture and Manipulate
  Scan, store and Insert
  Stills (camera) and Download, Correct and Insert
  Search, Download, Store, (Print) & Insert
  Image Capture from Screen
  On-Line URL Presentation and Storage

 Multi-Media Presentation Tools
  Capture and Manipulate
  Audio or Video/Audio
  Live Record, Store and Insert

Adding a Guest Speaker who is not available, is at a distance,
Whom you will use repeatedly
Whom you reference, but will not ask over for a soundbite.

User Interface Capture from Screen

On-Line URL Presentation and Storage

URL’s and the Web
  Using Links with additional Media
     If you have a dependable computer.
     Always go there first
     Try to preload the site
      Or take an image,
      Or snap the screen
      Never Surf

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D. The Out

Any lecture no matter how well prepared is always well received in small doses, (OK so I do not practice what I preach, with lots of OPI…

Off Posterior Instruction

Final Thoughts and Wrap

Kevin Kvalvik 2003                    
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